More SAW V Details Emerge! SAW VI Director Annouced!

SAW V doesn’t even hit theaters until October 24th, yet the director David Hackl has already revealed who will be taking over for him for next year’s inevitable SAW VI. SHOCK reports that SAW I-V editor Kevin Greutert will be making his directorial debut on SAW VI.

Meanwhile, a press junket recently took place in LA for SAW V, and here’s various tidbits we’ve picked up from sites that were present! Rumor has it that Hackl is unveiling the series best traps yet for his entry. Producer Mark Berg told SHOCK, "I’m convinced he had a couple of traps that he knew he had that he wouldn’t give Darren [Bousman]. We did the deal with him to direct Saw V before we did Saw IV. So, during IV he must’ve had a couple of traps up his sleeve!"

Hackl seems enthusiastic for fans to see the opening he’s cooked up for SAW V saying, "Our opening is…it’s something. People turn away in the editing room when they come in and see it. Our composer, Charlie Clouser, can’t even watch it."

Berg acknowledges the complexity of SAW IV‘s twists and narrative & assured fans that SAW V would be more straight forward. He tell’s SHOCK, "To this day I still hear people who didn’t get that it happened at the same time [as part III]. Maybe we didn’t do a good enough job in executing it, in all honesty. But Saw V is a little be more linear, easier to follow. We’ll have two great twists at the end. My hats off to Patrick and Marcus, I don’t know how they do it." Click HERE to read the entire article, including comments from Costas Mandylor on his allegiance to Jigsaw!

Meanwhile, Bloody-Disgusting‘s Spooky Dan found out that 3 endings were shot for SAW V, all of which will of course be included on the DVD release. Hackl told B-D, "We actually shot three different endings, they each say different things, and set up the story for SAW VI in different ways." Click HERE for B-D’s report where the producers chat about the upcoming SAW video game!

Perhaps we’ll finally see this excised SAW IV trap in SAW V?

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