Yesterday, we posted an exclusive very un-PC and not-safe-for-work video clip from the upcoming (sure-to-be-classic) GINGERDEAD MAN 2: PASSION OF THE CRUST. Today, we’re sharing with you the official press release, which offers plenty of hilarious tid-bits about everyone’s favorite cookie killer! Read on to find out why Gary Busey isn’t returning as the voice of the "gingerdead man" and who’s set to make cameo appearances in the sequel! Due out on DVD June 5th, check out the full press release below. And watch the controversial clip HERE!

“SACRILICIOUS” Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust coming soon!

Bad yeast rises again as Full Moon Entertainment’s “Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust” hits “Video on Demand” and all major DVD outlets in early June 5 2008.

The Ultimate in Bad Taste

Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust

Produced By Charles Band
Co-Produced By William Butler and John Vulich
Written By Eunice Burns, Carolynn Applebee and Silvia St Croix
Directed By Silvia St Croix

The sequel to the original film “The Gingerdead Man” is this time co-produced by horror staples, WILLIAM BUTLER (Furnace, Madhouse, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Night of the Living Dead 1990), JOHN VULICH (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files) and takes place at a fledgling low budget movie studio desperate for a hit… But before the film within the film “Tiny Terrors 9: Purgatory of the Petite” even gets rolling, all hell breaks loose as the murderous and violent, yet chewy and delicious Gingerdead Man makes the scene, moving from set to set, continuing his bloody killing spree in search of a new vessel before his cookie body gets too stale and crumbles away.

“This film has a little something for everyone – evil robots, angry dwarves, lusty old scream queens, vampires, possessed hand puppets, “Make-a-Wish” kids, vigorous spankings, spaceships and not to mention the depiction of an evil spice-cookie being relentlessly crucified for your sins.”  “That alone, is worth the price of admission, so just get drunk, smoke out and watch it, if you ignore it, it will destroy you”  Says Butler.  When asked about the violent crucifixion scene in the film and the potential backlash.  Butler responds “We like to think of the project as “SACRILICIOUS”.   When asked about how and even more importantly WHY the project came together, Co-producer, John Vulich adds “We we’re challenged by longtime friend, CHARLES BAND, to try and put together a comedy on a shoestring budget and with a very strict time constraint”.  “We agreed, only if we could lampoon Charlie’s own company and style”  “He agreed so here we are.”

The film is dedicated to all of the hard working low budget film makers out there, or whoever had the balls to make their own film….and the people who mock them.   The film was screened last week to a standing room only theater in Los Angeles and was received with hilariously overwhelming, positive feedback.  “I think the producers of Speed Racer maybe should have considered shooting their movie in five days, maybe that’s the secret”.    “I mean when you shoot a film with a four dollar budget, it’s a little hard to lose money”.   “I think the fact that Charlie was such a good sport at participating in a film which is a essentially a roast of his style, really helped make it funny.”

Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust” stars K-VON MOEZZI (Amish in the City), FRANK NICOTERO (Street Smarts), KELSEY SANDERS (Wizards of Waverly Place) and marks the return of Scream Queen veteran MICHELLE BAUER as Polly Bunderhoof, a faded 80’s starlet, turned snack-table girl whose film career was cut short by a botched set of mishapen breast implants.  Not returning to the film series is GARY BUSEY who had “schedule conflicts”.   “Gary was unavailable and Tom Sizemore was still in jail, so we opted for the “never arrested” veteran director/effects artist JOHN CARL BUECHLER to voice the G-man.  The film also includes cameos by several other genre personalities including ADAM GREEN (Hatchet), GREG NICOTERO (KNB Effects Group), DAVE DECOTEAU (The Brotherhood), as well as William Butler, John Vulich and John Buechler.

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