Gudino Helming New CUT THROATS NINE!

Those fiends over at Dread Central pointed us out to this cool bit of news! Former Rue Morgue editor Rodrigo Gudino has announced his first feature length debut via the pages of Rue Morgue #78. Gudino will follow up his 2 successful short films DEMONOLOGY OF DESIRE and THE EYES OF EDWARD JAMES with a remake of Joaquin Romero Marchent’s 1972 uber violent Eurowestern CUT THROATS NINE! If you’ll recall, our staffer Kevin Klemm picked the original CUT THROATS NINE for issue 5 of his GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO column! According to Dread’s post, "The film tells the story of seven prisoners being transported from their detail at a gold mine to a fort where they will finish off their life sentences. Their wagon train is ambushed, and only the prisoners, a Union sergeant and his beautiful daughter survive, and now they find themselves stranded in a mountain pass with no horses or hope for rescue. The sergeant vows that he will get the prisoners to their final destination but has to protect his daughter from the bloodthirsty gang and figure which one of the raped and murdered his wife in the process."

The article continues, "Gudino says the potential for Cut-Throats Nine is what interested him in the project in the first place, and he has the blessing of the original’s director to improve upon it as he sees fit."

Check out the trailer to the original CUT THROATS NINE below!

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