First Word On Romero’s DIARY OF THE DEAD 2!

George Romero recently took part in an interview with Dread Central’s Uncle Creepy to promote the release of DIARY OF THE DEAD on DVD May 20th. Uncle George dropped several interesting tid-bits about the proposed DIARY OF THE DEAD sequel! Romero confessed that the screenplay for it is already done! "I’ve written the first draft of the script, [producer Peter [Grunwald]’s coming up here next week and we’re going to sand it down and refine it, so we’ll be ready. Then it’s just a matter of someone saying ‘yeah, do it’." What can we expect from DIARY OF THE DEAD 2? "Actually a thing that I love, and it might be more fan pleasing, but it’s not subjective camera. I’m using a couple of the big characters but not the ones you would expect. I’m starting with the girl that took off…" Man, I really have to give DIARY another chance once it hits DVD on May 20th.

Original Dread Central article:

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