FACES OF DEATH Special Edition DVD In The Works!

Those fiends over at Dread Central have alerted us to some more interesting news! Remember FACES OF DEATH?! I’m sure if you’re of the age where you remember going through the unrated section of the mom-and-pop owned video stores, you probably stared at the box art for FACES OF DEATH or one of it’s many knock-off’s and/or sequels. Well, Dread’s reporting that one of their own, Andrew Kasch is working with Michael Felsher’s Red Shirt Pictures on a massive special edition DVD release for FACES OF DEATH! Gorgon Video will be releasing the 1978 cult shocker stateside later in the year.

Among the disc’s priliminary features:

  • There will be three featurettes — one with effects men Allan Apone & Douglas J. White, one with editor Glen Turner, and one that will feature Toe Tag founder and August Underground director Fred Vogel, essentially pouring out his love for the film.
  • A commentary track by director Conan le Cilaire that promises to be very in-depth about the entire history of Faces of Death and may help people see the movie in a new light!

    More info on the original Dread post HERE!

  • Filmmaker JT PETTY has been attached to a remake of FACES OF DEATH for a long time now! Check out our vintage FRIGHT exclusive interview with JT PETTY below!

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