Is Bousman Helming HELLRAISER?!

After witnessing the bloody mayhem set forth by French director’s Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury with their film INSIDE, I was beyond excited to see what those sick bastards would do with the upcoming HELLRAISER remake. (Hell, they had Clive Barker’s seal of approval.) But alas, the Weinstein’s opted to remove them from the project and the re-write duties for the script fell in the hands of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. (FEAST, SAW IV & V) Now, an interesting name is being thrown around as a potential director for the HELLRAISER redux. SAW II-IV director Darren Lynn Bousman. Bousman just completed his SAW IV follow-up REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, as well as his episode of NBC’s FEAR ITSELF titled NEW YEAR’S DAY. Next on queue for the director is the SCANNERS remake, scripted by David Goyer. But could HELLRAISER be next instead? SHOCK is reporting that an offer has gone out to Bousman to bring back Pinhead. Should he accept the gig is still up in the air. But… could make for an interesting reboot of the franchise. (He sure does know how to spill some blood!)

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