FEAR ITSELF Release Schedule!

Fearnet got the exclusive rundown of the episode queue for FEAR ITSELF, which debuts Friday June 5th, 10PM on NBC. Stuart Gordon’s EATER kicks the new series off! Check out the listing below! And hit up Fearnet’s site for more details (including the synopsis and writer info) for each episode!

  • Stuart Gordon’s “Eater”
  • Brad Anderson’s “Spooked”
  • Mary Haron’s “Community”
  • Breck Eisner’s “The Sacrifice”
  • John Landis’ “In Sickness and in Health”
  • Ronny Yu’s “Family Man”
  • Ernest Dickerson’s “Something With Bite”
  • Darren Bousman’s “New Year’s Day”
  • Larry Fessenden’s “Skin & Bones”
  • John Dahl’s “Chance”
  • Rupert Wainwright’s “The Spirit Box”
  • “Echoes” (no director)

    Don’t forget to check out the FEAR ITSELF extended trailer from our previous news report HERE!

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