Breck Eisner Talks THE CRAZIES Remake!

A few days ago, SHOCK got an interview with director Breck Eisner who was out promoting his episode of NBC’s FEAR ITSELF. However, the filmmaker also dropped plenty of tidbits about his next 2 projects, remakes of both THE CRAZIES (based on the George Romero flick) and CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. According to the interview on SHOCK, Eisner’s version definitely remains faithful to the source material. "Obviously Romero’s version had an anti-war bent to it in the aftermath of Korea and Vietnam, we’re clearly in a similar situation now. It’s the same story, we have all of these weapons from the Cold War that are in stockpiles that have to be destroyed as our environment is obviously being damaged as we go."

Also of note is Eisner’s take on "the crazies" themselves. "They are definitely crazy, they are out there. They’re not zombies, the biggest challenge is to make it clear it’s not a zombie movie. What’s great about the original is that they all don’t have a coherent cohesive action, everybody acts different. There’s a kid, in our version, who just stands there punching a wall, punching his fists into a bloody pulp. It unlocks their deepest psychosis – some of it is violent, some of it is sexual, some of its self-inflicted violence. For me, the scariest movie for me as a kid was John Carpenter’s The Thing and the idea was not knowing who to trust, the guy you’re stuck with. It’s a similar concept here – can you trust your wife, can you trust your mother, your brother? That’s a good deep-seated fear for a horror movie." Principle photography begins this summer in Winnipeg, Canada. Rogue Pictures is producing. For more on THE CRAZIES, read the entire article on SHOCK TILL YOU DROP.COM!

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