First Look At LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT Remake Cast!

SHOCK scored the first look at the cast for the upcoming LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake! The photos feature actors Garret Dillahunt, Riki Lindhome and Aaron Paul as Krug, Sadie and Francis. Shooting has begun in South Africa with Dennis Iliadis directing. Wes Craven, Sean Cunningham and Marianne Maddalena are producing. Click the image below to see several more "test" shots on Shock Till You Drop’s website!




3 Responses to “First Look At LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT Remake Cast!”
  1. beth says:

    :,( WHY!!!???

  2. Mark says:

    PLEASE!! Do not remake such a classic. Like the song says in the 1st one,,,
    ” And the road leads to nowhere.”

  3. McZombie says:

    I think the rape movies of that era should just stay in that era. I think they shoulda left these flicks in teh past, they’ve already been made, and they’re classics. I just think its a bad idea to reintroduce rape flicks.

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