DEXTER SEASON TWO, Official DVD Release Date Announced! Keith Gordon Helming SEASON 3 Debut!

We had posted a news story about this several months ago, but now thankfully Paramount Home Entertainment has finally confirmed it! The hit series DEXTER: SEASON TWO will be released on DVD on August 19th, 2008, just in time for the premiere of SEASON THREE on Showtime. We’ve also heard that recent Icons interviewee KEITH GORDON will be directing the first episode of SEASON THREE. Gordon helmed several episodes of DEXTER previously, so his return doesn’t come as a surprise. You can read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with KEITH GORDON (where we spoke extensively about his work on DEXTER) by clicking HERE or on the frame below. No DVD cover image or special features announced yet for the boxed set, but it’s definitely coming on August 19th. We’ll keep you posted on more when we hear it!




Check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview with DEXTER director KEITH GORDON!

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