Hammer’s BEYOND THE RAVE My Space Series Launches!

The first 3 (of 20) episodes of BEYOND THE RAVE have gone live on the official My Space page! You’ll have to be 18 or over to watch the content, but the page offers a lot of cool extras on top of the exclusive episodes. The story concerns a British soldier who, on the eve of shipping out to Iraq, goes looking for his missing girlfriend and finds himself in the midst of ravers who are actually bloodthirsty vampires. Matthias Hoene directed from a script by Tom Grass, and the cast includes Jamie Dornan, Nora-Jane Noone (THE DESCENT), Tamer Hassan (THE FERRYMAN), Sadie Frost (BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA) and Hammer vet Ingrid Pitt. A DVD release with all 20 episodes playing as a feature is expected after the shows run is complete. Hit up the My Space page now at: www.myspace.com/beyondtherave And watch the trailer to BEYOND THE RAVE below: 


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