An ICONS OF FRIGHT, Robert “COUNT YORGA” Quarry Needs Our Help!

Hey FRIGHT fans. We received this heartfelt plea from director Tim Sullivan regarding a desperate situation involving the victimization of actor Robert Quarry by a lecherous fan. Robert Quarry played Count Yorga and appeared in countless Hammer Films. He is a TRUE Icons Of Fright! Please read Mister Sullivan’s message to the fans and help out in any way possible. Meaning if you can donate, donate. And if you can repost, repost. Every little bit helps.

"Anyone who knows me at all knows what a HUGE fan I am of Count Yorga, or rather the fine actor and true gentleman who created the role, Mr. Robert Quarry.

Fellow fans of my generation can relate to the early 70’s when American International gave us a new vampire to rival Christopher Lee, and for my money, the two films in which Quarry starred, COUNT YORGA VAMPIRE and RETURN OF COUNT YORGA, not only rival, but surpass nearly all of the Lee Dracula films.

Several years ago, I had the honor to meet and interview Robert for my Shock & Roll column at Upcoming Horror Movies. (If you missed it or would like to revisit, CLICK HERE TO READ MY INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT QUARRY NOW)

After reading the piece, Frank Darabont, he himself a mega Yorga fan, got in touch with me and offered to have new prints struck of both Yorga films, which lead to Frank and I co-hosting a special YORGA double feature at the American Cinematheque. It was an amazing night for all, especially Robert, visibly moved by the large turnout and fan outpouring.

Since then, Robert’s health has been up and down, and this past week, after 38 years of independence, Robert moved into the Motion Picture Country House, a community home for senior actors and actresses run by the Motion Picture Fund. It’s a lovely place, with a wonderful staff, and an exceptional group of some of the greatest talents both behind and in front of the camera.

I thank God that a place like the Actor’s Home exists, and I thank God that Bob is now a resident. For much to my horror and disgust, Bob, the regal Count Yorga, has spent the last few years victim of an evil that I wish I could say was uncommon, but sadly, it is not.

I refer to the VULTURE. The LEECH. The lonely, miserable "never was" who starts off as a fan, gets close to the aging celebrity, then, thru manipulation and bullying, makes the celebrity feel as if they would be helpless without them. Much like a battered wife or child, the celebrity feels afraid to speak up; fearful that this vulture is their only way to get to the doctor, the store etc… Often, the Vulture gains access to the celebrity’s bank account, passing themselves off as an "assistant" or "manager". We are not talking about gold digging, but nickel and dime digging- stealing the dollars and postage stamps that fans send to have their items autographed and returned; taking valuable memorabilia under the guise of selling it on e-bay for the celebrity only to lie about the profits and horde them for themselves; or worse, actually charging the helpless celebrity for their time, their rides to the doctor; their assistance in moving. This devil, this leech, does its best to put a wedge between the celebrity and his or her true friends, doing their best to keep the lid on their crimes.

This past weekend, in the case of Robert, the lid was taken off, and Robert now has full access and full awareness of his true friends. And there are legion.

So yes, there is a happy ending to this story. The stake has been plunged thru the cold and soulless heart of the vulture in Robert’s life. He is happy and thriving at the home.
If you are a fan of Robert’s, a fan of mine, or a horror fan in general, put your money where your mouth is, walk the talk and take a moment to help out one of our own.

Write a letter to Robert letting him know how much you loved him in the Yorga films, or DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN, DEATHMASTER or MADHOUSE.

All fan mail can be sent to

VENICE, CA 90291

Want an autograph? Go ahead and ask for it—But while you’re asking, please give as well. Cuz sad to say, that vulture left very little for Robert to bring to his new digs- and so he’s starting from scratch. Not exactly a fun thing to be doing at age 82, but if every horror fan gave just a little, that Crypt would be fully stacked in no time.

Gifts can be sent to Robert at the above address, or we’ve set up two CRYPT WARMING registries for Bob- One at Target, one at Amazon. Take your pick! Just click on the sites and go shopping for Uncle Bob- Make sure you send a note so he knows who sent what and can send a thank you.



Us horror folk know what it’s like to be an outsider and alone, and I’ll be DAMNED if someone like Robert Quarry should ever feel anything but loved and appreciated.

Sadly, Robert’s story is not unique. There are many Leeches and Vultures out there preying on our senior brothers and sisters. If you know of any- step in and stop it.

Blood and Blessings to you All—

Tim Sullivan"

3 thoughts on “An ICONS OF FRIGHT, Robert “COUNT YORGA” Quarry Needs Our Help!

  1. It’s sad to hear that Bob was taken advantage of. I’m not sure it would be the best idea to give out the address of the home however, the next thing you know fanatics of several actors will be showing up offering their livelyhood, invading privacy and even possibly, more vultures… But I’m glad to know this person was found out and is no longer in Bob’s life!

  2. This past Friday, the 19th, over $300 was raised for Mr. Quarry at a theatre showing of “Dr. Phibes Rises Again” in Chicago as well as awareness of his plight.

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