STEPFATHER Remake Release Date!

Love it or hate it, no film is safe from Hollywood’s constantly remaking claws, including the cult classic THE STEPFATHER, the original which featured LOST’s Terry O’Quinn in the title role. The update is currently in production with director Nelson McCormick (he just remade the new PROM NIGHT) from a script by Joe Cardone. The only upside to this sure-to-be PG-13 flick is the decent cast. Dylan Walsh of NIP/TUCK plays the title role in the remake, and is joined by Sela Ward, Penn Badley, Amber Heard, Paige Turco, Braeden LeMasters, Skyler Samuels and Jon Tenney. THE STEPFATHER will hit theaters on October 16, 2009, so we have a whiles to go on this one.

Why don’t we take a look at the original trailers for both THE STEPFATHER and (the underrated Jeff Burr sequel) THE STEPFATHER 2? Check ’em below!

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