UWE BOLL Strikes Back At On-Line Petition?!

A few days ago, an on-line petition appeared on the internet with the simple goal of reaching one million signatures so that filmmaker Uwe Boll would stop making movies. From what I understand, I believe Uwe admitted he’d quit if one million people told him to. Well, today, the good Dr. Boll has taken a swing back (and not in the boxing ring this time!) with his own on-line video message to fans and haters alike! Publicity stunt for POSTAL? Or pure genius at work! You decide! (And by the way, while most of his movies may not be all that good, POSTAL is in fact rather hilarious in a Troma-kinda way.)

Check out our interview with UWE BOLL from 2006! Just click the frame!

And our FIRST LOOK review of POSTAL:

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