Robert Kurtzman’s BUMP With Ashley Laurence & Tobin Bell!

Robert Kurtzman (the K in KNB) is set to direct BUMP, based on the short lived comic book series of the same name from FANGORIA COMICS. As an avid reader of comic books, I genuinely thought BUMP was one of the best horror comics I’d read in ages, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of seeing a full-on movie adaptation, especially with Kurtzman at the helm. Producer Scott Licina announced that HELLRAISER vet (and all-around natural beauty) Ashley Laurence has joined the cast as Elaine. Tobin Bell (JIGSAW himself!) also stars and produces! According to B-D, "The film is a supernatural tale of extreme horror, where even the confines of the grave aren’t able to contain the brutal spirit of serial killer Edgar Dill, and his legion of monstrous Treehuggers." Dread Central also says you can download all 4 issues of the comic series at the Wowio website! Check it out! It gets my highest recommendation!

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