John Carpenter has bowed out of his upcoming episode of NBC’s FEAR ITSELF. He was originally set to direct an episode titled Skin & Bones, written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan, who collaborated on both of Carpenter’s MASTERS OF HORROR entries. (CIGARETTE BURNS and PRO LIFE) Well, good news is, the highly underrated filmmaker Larry Fessenden will now direct Skin & Bones for FEAR ITSELF! Seriously, those of you unfamiliar with Fessenden’s work need to go out and buy HABIT (one of my all-time fave vampire movies), WENDIGO and THE LAST WINTER. More details on this report over at SHOCK.

Check out our reprint interview with LARRY FESSENDEN from ARE YOU GOING magazine by clicking the frame below:

Be on the look out for a brand new extensive interview with LARRY FESSENDEN in one of our upcoming editions!

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