Hey Fright Fans, Jsyn here with something really special for you all. Like most of us who found the horror genre at an early age, my childhood was shaped by certain iconic influences that left an indelible mark. It started with a fascination with dinosaurs, magic tricks and superheroes. Later, it was all about the local Mom and Pop video store, FANGORIA magazine and a maniacal urge for comic book collecting. I was lucky enough to have a shop in my neighborhood that took care of all three necessities at once, and one comic that I was absolutely bat-shit crazy for was a book called: “Doc Stearn… MR. MONSTER

This comic had everything any red-blooded American adolescent genre fan could ever ask for… gorgeous art, awesome stories, bizarre monsters and a hero armed only with his superior knowledge of all things supernatural and a blazing pair of Colts! Being an independent book (all the rage in the ‘80’s) MR. MONSTER practically burst at the seams with splatterific scenes of sublime carnage, sexy vixens in distress, and pure gonzo slam-bang pulp action, all without the impediment of that pesky Comics Code. There was just no way Doc Stearn could ever exist under a Marvel or DC banner and for the developing rebellious artist in me, that alone made him ten times cooler than he already was.

Here in a rare interview, creator/writer/artist Michael T. Gilbert gives us all the nuts and bolts of his career, shares his thoughts on the early days of independent comics and walks us through the creation of one of the most thoroughly entertaining comic series I will ever read!

I hope that this interview encourages all you Mr. Monster newbie’s out there to discover this gem for yourselves. Read on and learn something, ya mugs!


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