What A Crock! ROGUE Gets Limited Release Later This Month!

WOLF CREEK director Greg McLean’s long-delayed killer crock movie ROGUE starring foxy Radha Mitchell (SILENT HILL) and Michael Vartan (ALIAS) will finally hit theaters on April 25th. But… it’s only opening in 10 markets. (To give you a rough idea what that means, DIARY OF THE DEAD opening in 25 markets across the country. Meaning it’ll be impossible to find a theater playing it.) Fangoria broke the scoop on this. Hopefully this means a DVD release can’t be too far off. From what we’ve heard, ROGUE is actually quite good!

Original article: http://www.fangoria.com/news_article.php?id=6251 

2 thoughts on “What A Crock! ROGUE Gets Limited Release Later This Month!

  1. You think that’s bad, months ago when Rogue was being advertised here in Australia they made this big fuss over it, there were posters on everything and Tv spots playing every second ad, come the time of its release and….nothing, i couldn’t find a single fucking cinema playing it! and this is supposed to be the films hometown!

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