FRIDAY THE 13TH Documentary On The Way!

Fangoria got word that filmmakers Anthony Masi & Thommy Hutson are currently producing a documentary on the entire FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise and with the full approval of Jason Voorhee’s creator Sean Cunningham. Masi was one of the producers on HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR, but promises this project will be a bit different. Hutson tells Fangoria, "With HALLOWEEN, the making of the movies was often more interesting than the movies themselves, but that wasn’t the case with the FRIDAY THE 13TH films. Those productions were very cookie-cutter; they came out with seven of them in eight years. It was a formula. But with the remake of the first film about to go into production, all of a sudden there’s a renewed interest in the series." Masi adds that, rather than a straightforward behind-the-scenes recounting, the docu will “talk about things like body count, gore and the concept of Jason as a superhero. There will also be more of a narrative flow to it. We don’t want it to end up being just a bunch of talking heads.” More details as they emerge!

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