X-FILES 2 Teaser Poster!

Aint It Cool News got the first look at the teaser poster for this summer’s X-FILES 2! I still kinda can’t believe that it’s actually happening! Mulder & Scully are back! The new film stars David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Peet, Xzibit & Billy Connolly. Series creator Chris Carter directs a script he co-wrote with Frank Spotnitz. X-FILES 2 is set for release July 25th, 2008! Check out the teaser poster below!

2 Responses to “X-FILES 2 Teaser Poster!”
  1. Cherry Chainsaw says:

    I’ve waited sooooo long for this movie!!!

  2. Danny says:

    My uni buddies and I are going dressed like secret agents when it comes out lol

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