TWILIGHT ZONE Episode, “DEATH SHIP”, Set For Feature-Length Remake

Summit Pictures going forward with a feature-length version of TWILIGHT ZONE episode "DEATH SHIP" with writer Michael Brandt ("3:10 TO YUMA") making his directorial debut. (According to The Hollywood Reporter)


Twilight Zone



Richard Matheson
"DEATH SHIP" was one of many "TWILIGHT ZONE" episodes penned by Richard Matheson, whose works are undergoing something of a remake renaissance most succesfully with 2007’s "I AM LEGEND".

"DEATH SHIP" involved a spaceship crew finding a exact duplicate of their ship crashed on a planet they have been exploring.

The feature will be titled "COUNTDOWN" and will be co-written by Derek Haas from an earlier screenplay by Stephen Gregg and Scott Burn. They are hoping to begin production this summer with a $30 million budget.

Interestingly Richard Kelly ("DONNIE DARKO") has recently completed a remake of Matheson’s "BUTTON, BUTTON" episode of "TWILIGHT ZONE" (from CBS’s mid-80’s revival of the series) titled, "THE BOX".

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