I’ll be flat out honest. I don’t get this. I mean, I like PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, but I never got into ROCKY HORROR. And anything with Paris Hilton in the cast immediately makes me uninterested. But I loved what director Darren Lynn Bousman did with the SAW sequels, so if anything, I’m curious about REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. (Plus, POE was on the soundtrack, and I love POE.) The wonderful fiends at Arrow In The Head got the trailer for REPO! You can check it out below or at THIS link. The movie was supposed to hit theaters in late April, but we’ve heard it’s been postponed indefinitely. What do you guys think of this trailer?!

3 thoughts on “Trailer For REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA!

  1. I thought you said NEW trailer, You got me all excited for nothing.
    Seriously though I cannot
    wait for this movie does anyone have any clue why it was delayed?

  2. Oh what the hell do I know. I’m not following this movie really nor have I been, so I haven’t paid attention to any previous trailers on line. 2 other horror websites ran it as “new” so there you have it. And rumor has it, it’s delayed because LIONSGATE isn’t sure how to market it. It ain’t exactly the most commercial idea for a movie now.

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