Neil Marshall To Direct DRIVE, Then SACRILAGE!

Just a week ago, Variety was reporting that Neil Marshall would be writing and directing a new horror movie called THE SACRILAGE. Today, a new Variety piece reports that the filmmaker has just signed a deal with Universal to helm DRIVE, an adaptation of the James Sallis novel of the same name. Hugh Jackman is attached to star, and is co-producing along with Marc Platt & John Palermo. The script was written by Hossein Amini. The article explains, "In the book, the stuntman’s already-exciting existence gets jolted when he discovers that a contract has been put out on his life."

"This is something I haven’t done before, and I’ve wanted to bring a British sensibility to an L.A. shoot and a scorched classic film noir concept," Marshall told Daily Variety. "Hoss is a fantastic writer, and he’s written three amazing car chases in the film. He’s turned them into dramatic scenes as opposed to the usual crash, bang, wallop. I would like to be shooting it this summer."

Check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview with NEIL MARSHALL by clicking the frame below!

Marshall’s latest DOOMSDAY is in theaters NOW, so go check it out with a bunch of friends. It’s a fun, solid 2 hours of pure entertainment.

Original Variety article:

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