One week after making the trek to Dallas, TX for the FEAR FEST 2 show, we made another trip this past weekend to Cherry Hill, NJ to attend one of our favorite conventions, MONSTER MANIA for their 10th (!) show! Crowds of horror fans showed up to meet everyone from Bruce Campbell to Corey Feldman to Jason Mewes. The original TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE cast members were all on hand (including Gunnar Hansen, Edwin Neal & Marilyn Burns). The vendors and independent filmmakers were plentiful and the show overall was one of the most packed conventions we’ve ever been to. Click the logo below for the full report and tons of pictures including all the guests listed above, as well as JoBeth Williams (POLTERGEIST), Heather Langenkamp (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Keith David (THEY LIVE), William Ragsdale (FRIGHT NIGHT) and many, many more!

Click the logo above and check out a video from the MONSTER MANIA X show created by our FRIGHT friend Dave Neabore.
Check out his My Space page at: 

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