Yes, Gina Phillips Up For “Jeepers 3”–But Here’s Why She Wasn’t In “Jeepers 2”

Gina Phillips recently revealed that she is in talks with Victor Salva to return to the "Jeepers Creepers" franchise, but why didn’t we see Gina at all in "Jeepers Creepers 2"?  Exclusive to IOF she reveals why she didn’t return and it’s not what you’ve already heard!

Gina PhillipsIOF: Justin had done a cameo for the JEEPERS CREEPERS 2. Was it true that you were asked back to cameo in the second one as well?

Here’s what happened. There were a lot of rumors that went around about it, and I’ve heard a lot of rumors of people saying I turned it down. I didn’t really turn it down! There was a first script, an idea that had to do with my character and… it didn’t really work. It just wasn’t that frightening and everyone ended up agreeing it didn’t work. If it had been really up to par with the first one, I would’ve jumped in…

So, there was an original first draft for the 2nd JEEPERS CREEPERS that involved your character as a main character again.

Yes. Yes. And everyone, the studio, Frances (Ford Coppola), Victor (Salva) – every one agreed that it just wasn’t as strong as the first one. So then they came up with this other idea, which was a version of what the 2nd one ended up being, and my character was a cameo in it. And truthfully, the reason they decided not to do it was they originally were going to kill off my character and they decided that they didn’t want to, to leave it open for more of the franchise. To be there later on. So, that’s the true story behind it. It wasn’t that I just turned it down.

I figured it was something along those lines.

It didn’t come together in the right way. I totally would’ve done it if it was right.

Were they trying to replicate what the first one was again or did it just go in a direction that didn’t seem to make sense for your character?

Victor had a great idea, it just wasn’t scary enough. And then he went a totally different route. But they wanted to leave room to be able to come back to the Trish character. There was a cameo in the beginning (of JEEPERS CREEPERS 2) where I was brutally killed. (Laughs)

Awww, no!

And every one made the decision to take it out so there could be a JEEPERS 3.

Well, I’m really, really glad they didn’t do that. I prefer seeing a cameo from the ghost of Justin over seeing you get killed in the beginning. (Laughs) Have you seen the 2nd one?

Yeah, I have seen it! And I did like it!

While she’s remaining coy about any big details, she does reconfirm with Icons of Fright that she’s definitely up for and in talks for "Jeepers Creepers 3":

IOF: Well, they just announced that Victor is writing and directing JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. Do you know anything about it?

I know a lot about it.

You know a lot about it?!


Is that a hint, Gina?

(Laughs) I will leave it at that.

Well, after everything you just said, they left it open so you could come back. Interesting.

I, I am very familiar… and yes, Victor and I have been speaking, and I will just leave it at that. So, we will see what happens.

Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed, because you and Ray Wise in the same movie together would be awesome.

Look for our complete, unedited in-depth interview with Gina Phillips in the April update of Icons of Fright! 

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