This past weekend, the ICONS staff trekked out to Dallas, Texas to celebrate the 2nd FEAR FEST convention, sponsored by Pit Of and Dread Quite frankly, we had an absolute blast! The convention offered a little something for everyone. Late night screenings of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, FRIGHT NIGHT, TROLL 2. Tons of horror vendors & free goodies. Celebrities from the entire NIGHTMARE series, panels celebrating the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion and even a rock concert performance by MICHALE GRAVES. Horror culture was in full exposure last weekend in Dallas, TX thanks to promoter John Gray and his hard-working convention staff. Check out our full on report, along with dozens of photographs to get the whole scoop on the show! Includes pictures of ROBERT ENGLUND, HEATHER LANGENKAMP, TOM HOLLAND, CHRIS SARANDON, GUNNAR HANSEN, KANE HODDER, PAUL EHLERS, NEIL MARSHALL, TIM SULLIVAN, MICHALE GRAVES and many, many more! Click the logo to check it out!

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