Filmmaker Will Rot recently spoke to FANGORIA about his new full length project HELTER SKELTER. Rot was one of the filmmakers featured on the BLOOD DRIVE VOLUME 2 DVD release for his short film THE JOURNAL OF EDMOND DEYERS. He also completed a second short film titled DE RIGUEUR starring Edwin Neal and Alexandria Bevilacqua last year. Rot’s version of HELTER SKELTER will be radically different from former interpretations. He told Fango, "There are, of course, historical facts that remain true to the case, which is why I have to use ‘Helter Skelter’ in the title, but other facts I’ve just straight-up changed. I’ve found a way to shake things up a bit, and put a new spin on an old tale. The most notorious crime in American history just got a hell of a lot worse.”

According to the article, the feature is already fully financed and will shoot in the fall in "small, rundown towns between Nevada and California." Icons own Jay Alvino (Jsyn) will be handling the films FX via his company WICKED EFX. Alexandria Bevilacqua, who appeared in Rot’s last short film DE RIGUEUR opposite TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE’s Edwin Neal is already set to star with more cast to be announced.

Read more details on the project at the original FANGORIA post:


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