Neil Marshall’s Next Is SACRILEGE!

Filmmaker Neil Marshall had hinted at his next project during his panel at this past weekend’s FEAR FEST convention in Dallas, Texas. But now Variety is reporting that Marshall will write and direct SACRILEGE for Rogue Pictures. SACRILEGE is a horror film set in the Old West! Marshall explains, "It is set during the Gold Rush, a time remembered for incidents like the Donner Party. It is meant to be a pitch-black, gritty, period horror movie. This is ‘Unforgiven’ by way of H.P. Lovecraft, with that grim, gritty setting and a horror element nobody has seen before." Sounds AWESOME.

Considering we’re big fans of DOG SOLDIERS and THE DESCENT, this sounds like a great addition to Neil’s filmography. Don’t forget that his latest epic DOOMSDAY opens in theaters this Friday March 14th, 2008!

You can read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with NEIL MARSHALL by clicking the frame below!

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