Is MADMAN MARZ Coming Back?!

At this past weekend’s FEAR FEST convention in Dallas, Texas, we stopped by former Icons interviewee Paul Ehlers table, the man who played "Madman Marz" in the 80’s slasher cult-classic MADMAN, and we couldn’t help notice an interesting item among his 8 x 10’s & fantasy knives. A teaser for a new MADMAN movie. Framed on his table was an 8 x 10 photo that read "MADMAN MARZ: THE LEGEND LIVES", "He’ll find the Heart of Terror and Rip it Out!" (Coming) When asked about it, Paul confirmed that yes, there is a script for a brand new MADMAN movie written by his son Jonathan Ehlers and co-scripted by Paul himself. They’re using the original title for the original film, which was MADMAN MARZ: THE LEGEND LIVES and it sounds like this new MADMAN acts as both a sequel/remake. An independent company is attached and they’ve got a few locations locked down for a potential shoot later this year. Gary Sales, the producer on the original film was also at the table on Friday and is rumored to direct this new version. We’ll keep you posted.

Check out some pictures from his table below:



Also, say hello to Paul Ehlers over at his official My Space page:

And check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview with PAUL EHLERS from last year by clicking the frame below!


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