Charlie Sheen Headlines New TWISTED Pictures Movie!

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that actor Charlie Sheen will be the lead in an upcoming untitled Twisted Pictures movie. (The working title for the film was TORTURED) Twisted Pictures is of course the company behind the SAW films, as well as the upcoming REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and the SCANNERS remake. According to the article, "The film is a journey of an average, loving couple, CRAIG (Sheen) and ELISE, who hit their limit after they experience the loss of their 5 -year old son to a pedophile. Once the judicial system also fails to deliver, the couple is forced to turn inside and releases the animal that lives within all civilized people." Filmmaker Rob Lieberman (FIRE IN THE SKY) is attached to direct from a script by Marek Posival. I love Charlie Sheen, so count me excited for this vengeance morality tale!

Check out more details at the original article:

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