Icons Of Fright were on hand for this past weekend’s Fear Fest 2 convention in Dallas, TX and yours truly had the humble honor of moderating the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion panel. A few interesting tid-bits about the FRIGHT NIGHT franchise came up during the hour-long discussion. Writer/Director Tom Holland said that he still holds the rights for any FRIGHT NIGHT published material and is currently looking into re-releasing both the novelization of FRIGHT NIGHT (written by splatterpunk faves John Skipp and Craig Spector), as well as the NOW comic books, both long out of print. On top of seeing re-published versions of these FRIGHT NIGHT goodies, Holland also admitted that he is scheduled for a "luncheon" to discuss the FRIGHT NIGHT remake, which apparently has gone through 3 un-usable drafts. (From what we’ve heard, it sounds a lot like a remake of Tobe Hooper’s FUNHOUSE rather then FRIGHT NIGHT) Perhaps the studios wisely decided to actually talk to the guy who created the original for a change? Regardless, he’s also going to be pushing for a FRIGHT NIGHT Special Edition DVD at that meeting. Want to see it happen? Make some noise on the internet and let Sony Pictures know that you WANT a new Special Edition DVD of FRIGHT NIGHT!

We’ll be bringing you a full convention report with more from the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion later this week!

William Ragsdale (Charlie Brewster), Tom Holland (writer/director), Chris Sarandon (Jerry Dandrige) and Jonathan Stark (Billy Cole) at the Fear Fest convention for the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion!

8 thoughts on “More FRIGHT NIGHT On The Way?

  1. Man! Look at those guys! It’s been so long. I can’t believe it. I’ve been a Fright Night fan since I was 14 in 1986 when the movie showed up here. I’m 36 now, and still crazy about the movie. I’ve seen it 97 times, I know every line by heart, every scene, every detail. When I was in my teens my friends couldn’t stand me talking about the movie, impersonating the characters 24/7! I was totally nuts for the movie, the songs. Everything was great! Tom Holland, please, don’t let them ruin this movie. People were really frightened when they saw the motion picture back in the 80’s. I was scared the first 5 or 6 times when I saw it. The second one was a bit of disappointment, though. It was a copy from the original, and not as charming or scary. It was so appealing. I have the DVD of course, but a special edition is long overdue, don’t you think? I can’t wait to hear good news about the remake and the DVD. God bless you all.
    Julio (from Brazil)

  2. This is definitely a movie I’d love to see in a special edition on DVD or Blu-Ray. I think better than a remake, maybe a prequel would be cool.

  3. dracula (1992) and fright night are the only two horror vampire movies for me which hold personal value, the credits imply serious research was undertaken to ensure credibility as well as shock…also these movies employed a level of craft and technical wizardry which has really yet to be improved upon siginificantly in hollywood.furthermore the acting of the vampire leads in both these movies is thorough and engaging…i hope the remake of fright night ensures some additional technical sophistication…the night club scene in particular was well engineered but also it was perhaps what was left to the viewers imagination the nature of dandrige and also aspects that linger after watching it…the death of evil andthe staine glass window the death is also very powerful leaving the viewer with more to ponderthan perhaps dracula 92…furthemore fright night could be no.1 as dandridge does seem to have a conscious over humsn nature…
    interestingly the movie has not really dated the clever use of night and day creates forbodding throughout…difficult how they could make it better perhaps implementing more movement dynamics i.e woods lakes etc to give more dimension…perhaps dandridge could be staying at a hotel…
    overall perhaps what made the movie so inventive was also the use of clever stages, the movie also seemed bigger for some reason yet also contained unlike a lot of other movies which just race from one to another fright night had a connective element which drew the viewer in in an unassuming way just like the lead who in the early part of the film could just be anyone in your home…again q bettr idea than in the draula 92 where from the start you are aware of draulas history …perhaps the remake could show extra information into dandridge ‘s history does his bloodline go back BC?difficult to be critical of fright night…to better it may require additional clarity reference triller 84 perhaps a key cemetary scene could bring the remake into a more focused model…difficult to say who they could cast as Dandridge…perhaps bring back the original acotr to ensure credibility for the role?

  4. I´m from Brazil, and when I saw it at first time (in 1988) I was simply scared. I´m 34 and even nowadays I see and show it to my son (11) and I always tell him that this movie (thriller) was the unique one that marked my life. The cast was first class, Chris Sarandon work perfectly….I will never forget this movie. Thanks.

  5. When I read awhile ago that they were going to remake Fright Night at an amusement park, I was so disappointed. I am very glad to hear that this is not the case. I have been a huge Fright Night fan forever! I have seen the movie, no lie, over probably 500 times (Perhaps over 1000 times or even more). My niece, who is like my sister in law and me, has always loved horror movies. Since she was about five, we would watch Fright Night together, every night she slept over.( I had to cover her eyes over the booby scene). She is now sixteen and watches my kids. She slept over one night and I went to cover her eyes, I realized that she isn’t a little girl anymore, and we both laughed. Now my daughter who is almost five, and takes after us, has watched it since she was a baby. I did fast forward it over the really scary scenes but she is a Fright Night fan too! Definitely the best movie ever!!!!
    “Charlie? Charlie!”

  6. this movie is the bomb.Chris Sarandon was awsome. I love this movie,the club scene was good…..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasemake a remake…

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