Do We Have LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT’s Vengeful Parents?!

We just may! Variety reports that both Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter have been cast in the remake to LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. While the roles are unspecified, we can only imagine they’ll be playing the vengeful parents of one of the girls held hostage by the convicts. While Goldwyn probably still gets shit for being the jerk in the tearjerker GHOST, he recently appeared as a murdering psychiatrist in DEXTER, a show he’s gone on to direct several episodes of. Monica Potter’s last genre offering was in the first SAW. (Remember that one, kids? Feels so long ago!)

The article also confirms Dennis Iliadis is directing from a script by Mark Haslett, Carl Ellsworth and Adam Alleca (DP on the short MEANS TO AN END). Wes Craven, Sean Cunningham and Marianne Maddalena are producing. Shooting is scheduled to begin this month in South Africa.

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