A few weeks ago, Variety reported the official casting of several actors to the cast of FINAL DESTINATION 4, being helmed by FD2 director David Ellis from a script by Eric Bress. Among the confirmed cast is Shantel VanSanten, Bobby Campo, Haley Webb, (the gorgeous) Krista Allen (FEAST), Nick Zano and Andy Fiscella. We got one more name for ya! Justin Welborn, who played Ben in the recently released THE SIGNAL dropped us a line to let us know he’s playing "the racist" in FINAL DESTINATION 4, a character who comes to a much deserved & horrible demise in FINAL DESTINATION 4 courtesy of "death". That’s not exactly a spoiler considering rarely do any of the cast members survive a FINAL DESTINATION movie! He jokes with us, saying "Even though I’m technically playing ‘the racist’, it’s just a character in a movie! I’m voting for Obama."

FINAL DESTINATION 4 is about to shoot in New Orleans and is planned for a 3D release sometime next year.


Also, Bloody-Disgusting has a slew of images from DANCE OF THE DEAD, another genre picture that Welborn appears in. (See poster below) 


See Justin Welborn in THE SIGNAL, now playing in limited theaterical release, and be sure to check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview with him below!


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