FRIGHT friend and reader JD was at the recent Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors convention in Chicago, which hosted a FRIDAY THE 13th reunion panel. The original cast and crew mentioned a number of tid-bits about their involvement in the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake for FRIDAY THE 13TH which is being helmed by TEXAS CHAINSAW redux director Marcus Nispel and is due in theaters Friday, February 13th, 2009. Read on for the details!

From the panels, JD tells us:

Adrienne King (Alice from Part 1) told fans, at last weekend’s Weekend of Horrors, that she was in touch with Sean Cunningham and had read a cast breakdown of the remake. It calls for "Playboy model and Maxim covergirl-types". She jokingly told the audience there, "Yeah, that sounds a lot like the original film."

Betsy Palmer added that they were courting her for a cameo in the remake and, although she didn’t take them up on their offers for cameos in Jason X and FvJ, she said she is more likely to hear them out this time. She also says she has no clue how the makers of the film plan on having Pamela Voorhees and adult Jason existing at the same time.

Kane Hodder confirmed that he has not been approached to play Jason, and guesses it will be "another real big guy that Bruckheimer’s people have hired in the past." It sounded like an allusion to Andrew Brynarski, (NO!) but since Kane isn’t involved in the project, he couldn’t confirm anything.

Harry Manfredini confirmed that he hasn’t been approached to do the score, but said that he expects his iconic "ki ki ma ma" tune to be used in the remake.

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