Joe Lynch Might Be Crossing THE BRIDGE?

At the recent Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors show in Chicago, splatterpunk author Craig Spector was on hand to promote ANIMALS, the new film adaptation of his novel co-authored with John Skipp, when he revealed there may be more adaptations of their work on the way. One with an interesting director poised to helm. “It’s all very preliminary right now, but we’re talking about doing THE BRIDGE next, with Joe Lynch directing," Spector told FANGORIA. Lynch of course made quite a bloody splash last year with his debut WRONG TURN 2. THE BRIDGE is the 1991 novel by Spector & Skipp about killer toxic waste waging a war on mankind. More details below!

Original article:

Here’s an image of THE BRIDGE novel I was able to find off Amazon.

According to the article, Lynch only commented by confirming he’s "in talks" to tackle THE BRIDGE. Hell, I’m down for anything he does, so count me excited.

Read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with JOE LYNCH below!

You can also see Lynch in the first episode of SHOCK TALK, along with ADAM GREEN, GEORGE ROMERO and GREG NICOTERO! Check it out HERE!

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