Cast, Updates For Ti West’s HOUSE OF THE DEVIL!

At the recent Chicago Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors show, actor AJ Bowen (from THE SIGNAL) talked a bit about his role in Ti West’s upcoming flick HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. He revealed who will be playing his parents in the movie and genre fans should be pleased. From FANGO’s report, "Tom Noonan (THE MONSTER SQUAD, MANHUNTER) will play my father in the film, and Mary Woronov (CHOPPING MALL, NIGHT OF THE COMET) is my mom”. Meanwhile, the fiends at Dread Central got some plot details out of Bowen in a recent Podcast. Read on for the details!

Bowen told DREAD, ”I remember when I was a kid I was told I couldn’t play Dungeons & Dragons because I’d become part of a Satanic cult. I couldn’t watch Unsolved Mysteries cause I’d join a Satanic cult,” Bowen told us. ”Ti [West] wrote a script that plays with the idea of what if that was legit? What if it was real?”

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