Angela’s Back! NIGHT OF THE DEMONS Remake?!

SHOCK just broke the news exclusively about a new NIGHT OF THE DEMONS remake. But before you all cry foul on this one, let’s just go over who’s involved! According to SHOCK "Writers Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson have been tapped to pen an update for Prodigy Entertainment. (Original NIGHT director) Kevin Tenney and Greg McKay (Braindead) are on board to produce." Gierasch is expected to direct in late spring. The writing duo of Gierasch and Anderson have also penned Tobe Hooper’s TOOLBOX MURDERS, AUTOPSY (Gierasch’s directorial debut) and Dario Argento’s latest MOTHER OF TEARS. Read on for more quotes and a link to the original article!

Original article:

Gierasch told SHOCK, "NIGHT OF THE DEMONS’s is a modern take but Angela is still in it. It’s got blood, guts, Halloween, breasts, kids, demons and everything else that makes life worth living"


Here’s hoping they get to NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2, a personal favorite:

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