THE LOST BOYS 2 Updates, Vampire Pic, Comic Book!

Plenty of cool tid-bits from the upcoming THE LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE have made their way on line this week. Firstly, an update from Corey Feldman on his blog reveals that we can expect the first trailer on the I AM LEGEND DVD release. Still no word if it’ll be a theatrical or direct-to-DVD release yet. Also, below is the cover art to THE LOST BOYS: REIGN OF FROGS comic book, and SHOCK scored an exclusive first look at one of the sequel’s vampires! More details below!

Here’s the synopsis and art for THE LOST BOYS: REIGN OF FROGS comic book!

Before Buffy…before Blade…there was one name that was whispered in fear and awe among the undead: The Frog Brothers. Edgar and Alan Frog, the no-nonsense vampire slayers from the cult film The Lost Boys, are back with a vengeance in a 4-issue miniseries that bridges the gap between their adventures in the original film and the upcoming feature THE LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, due to be released this summer. Find out what’s happened since the first film, brought to you in various shades of crimson by Hans Rodionoff (Mnemovore) and Joel Gomez (Wetworks)!

Cover by Jonathan Wayshak

Shock Till You Drop scored the first look at one of the film’s vampires! Click the teaser below to check it out!

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