Shock Till You Drop revealed exclusively that writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (FEAST, SAW IV & V) are going to be writing the script for the upcoming HELLRAISER remake, due out in theaters on January 9th of 2009. Director’s Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (INSIDE) are still attached, despite the Weinstein’s decision to pass on their script for HELLRAISER.

4 thoughts on “FEAST Duo Scripting New HELLRAISER!

  1. That’s depressing as hell. They wrote three of the worst movies of the last decade….and now they’re being turned loose on one of the few genuine horror classics of the modern era. What, the guys who wrote FREDDY VS. JASON weren’t available??? Damn.

  2. Actually, the guys who wrote FREDDY VS JASON are busy on the FRIDAY THE 13th remake for Platinum Dunes. Sorry, bud. I rather liked FEAST and SAW IV. (It’s not fair to lump SAW V in there as one of their “worst” since it’s not even out yet.) But whatever, a HELLRAISER movie’s coming. Gotta be better then some of the direct to DVD sequels, no?!

  3. honestly i cant wait to see it
    saw 4 was ok
    feast was impressive though
    if they could only somehow combine the lighting and psycological tactics with hellraiser it would probably be one of the best films of the decade

  4. This so sucks why is it that the writters can no longer write their own stuff, I know it seems hard to scare people now a days but come on rewritting classics that is just stupid and lazy.

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