Yep, now THAT’S what the monster from CLOVERFIELD looks like! HASBRO toys will be producing a 14 inch figure of the monster from the hit flick CLOVERFIELD for release later this year. The figure features 70 (!) points of articulation, comes with 10 parasite monsters, 2 interchangable heads, the Statue Of Liberty head and more. You can pre-order it for $99 bucks for it’s October 2008 release. Take a look at the pictures below! It definitely looks worth it to me!

Pre-order the CLOVERFIELD monster figure at THIS link.

UPDATE! Figures.com has a TON of CLOVERFIELD monster pictures from the 2008 Toy Fair and it looks more complete then the above figure. (Meaning the colors and details are even more accurate with the final version of the figure.) Sneak peak below. See the rest HERE!

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