Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy Set For PEACOCK!

It seems actress Ellen Page (HARD CANDY, JUNO) is in demand lately! A few days ago, we reported she’d be appearing in Sam Raimi’s genre picture DRAG ME TO HELL. Now, Variety is reported that Page and Cillian Murphy (28 DAYS LATER, BATMAN BEGINS, RED EYE) are set to appear together in PEACOCK, a psychological thriller. Shooting starts in May of this year. Michael Lander will direct from a script he co-wrote with Ryan Roy. More details, including quotes on the project below!

The article states, "The title PEACOCK is derived from tiny Peacock, Neb., where Murphy’s character, a split personality, fools the town into believing his two alter egos are man and wife. Page plays a struggling young mother who holds the key to his past and sparks a battle between the personalities."

" ‘Peacock’ stunned me as a script from start to finish," Murphy said. "It offers an incredible challenge to an actor — one I couldn’t turn down."

Read more details at the original Variety piece:


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