1 of “8 Films To Die For” To Be Fan Created In Contest

Hollywood Reporter writes that for 2008 After Dark Films and Massify.com are going to be seeking fan input in the production of one of the upcoming “8 Films To Die For”. They’re going to be starting a competition where fans pitch ideas and vote on elements of the actual production, including marketing and the casting. Actors will also be asked to send in video auditions to be voted on. All of this will culminate with an online reality series documenting the making of the film. The contest who submits the winning pitch will be given a producer credit, participate on-set and in the reality series.

One thought on “1 of “8 Films To Die For” To Be Fan Created In Contest

  1. I think a good scary movie would be about a haunted house and an angry child who was killed by her mom and stepdad because her mom and stepdad wanted a child together and the stepdad didn’t want to put up with a child that wasn’t his so they killed her and on homecoming weekend a group of highschool friends are dared by the rival team to spend the night in the haunted house for the night.

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