FEAR ITSELF Directors Revealed! UPDATED!

NBC and Lionsgate are picking up where Mick Garris’s MASTERS OF HORROR series left off with FEAR ITSELF, an hour long anthology series debuting this summer. SHOCK is reporting that the first episode titled "EATER" and being helmed by fan-fave filmmaker STUART GORDON starts shooting today! (From a script by ) Bloody-Disgusting revealed 6 other director’s we can expect from FEAR ITSELF this summer. Read on and follow the links!

Original SHOCK article about Stuart Gordon’s episode:


Original B-D article with list of other directors: (Hint, expect the usual suspects from MASTERS OF HORROR. But ICONS is excited for Mary Harron (AMERICAN PSYCHO) and Ronny Yu (FREDDY VS JASON)!)


UPDATE! A new report from SHOCK reveals that Mick Garris (the show’s creator!), John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper are all OUT of FEAR ITSELF! Not too many details why yet, but here’s the scoop:


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