THE DARK LURKING Trailer! Horror From Down Under!

We just got wind of a cool looking horror film being made down under near our staffer Danny Price’s place of origin! Below you can check out the trailer tothe Australian production THE DARK LURKING (via their My Space page). Also, check out the synopsis and links to the My Space and official website page. Looks like a blast!

Synopsis: 8 SURVIVORS NO ESCAPE NOWHERE TO HIDE In a research station 1 Mile beneath the Earth’s surface a horde of ravenous creatures is killing everything they see. All that are left are 8 survivors, running low on ammo, light and hope.

My Space page:

Official Website:


2 thoughts on “THE DARK LURKING Trailer! Horror From Down Under!

  1. You know, for an ultra low budget, spare change funded flick, it sure as hell doesn’t show it. That trailer is badass even though it doesn’t tell you shit about the movie! lol

  2. I’ll now give my 2 cents worth of news.
    I have been invited by the director Greg Connors to visit the set of THE DARK LURKER.
    Mr. Conners has also invited me to play the bit part of a creature, hopefully in an insanely gory death scene involving copious amounts of blood and guts.
    All this will mark the popping of my proverbial cherry in on set visiting and in the acting world.
    Hopefully I can get many an interview with the cast and crew as well as Mr. Conners himself.

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