RED VELVET Screenings!

A few weeks back, we premiered the RED VELVET trailer in our video section. (The new film written by Anthony Burns, directed by Bruce Dickson and starring Henry Thomas (PSYCHO IV) and Kelli Garner). Producer Sean Fernald passed along info on a few events where RED VELVET is set to screen! Henry Thomas will be at the upcoming Dallas, TX Fear Fest 2 the first weekend of March to promote the film! Below are more dates and venues!

Official website:

Wondercon (S.F. – Feb 22-24)

Fear Fest (Dallas – March 7-9)

Wizard World (L.A. – March 14-16)

Supercon (San Jose – May 17-18)

ComiCon (San Diego – July 24-27)

4 thoughts on “RED VELVET Screenings!

  1. I saw the screening on January 14th in Los Angeles., and it was such a fun movie to watch. It kicked it! and Henry Thomas was so creepy good.

  2. I’m one of the producers of the new horror film RED VELVET. This past weekend we received such an amazing response from the comic/horror fans that I wanted to take a moment to say thank you publicly.
    The reaction to the screening Friday night was a dream. A family of people come together to work hard on a film for a year, and you hope that people will enjoy the results . . . but the laughter, screams and applause at this first showing was an experience I will never forget.

  3. If you’re near the Chicago area, be sure to stop by WIZARD WORLD this weekend to meet the production team and take a photo with our RED VELVET Maniac!
    Hope to see you in the “windy city!”
    All the best,
    Sean Fernald
    Red Velvet

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