INSIDE On DVD April 15th! HELLRAISER Set For 2009!

Here’s a flick we’ve been really intrigued with since reviews first started hitting the net! INSIDE hits DVD on April 15th courtesy of Dimension Extreme. Apparently, it was this movie from writer/directors Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury that got them the gig to helm the new HELLRAISER remake. (Which rumor has it was postponed due to their script being TOO extreme! That’s a good sign!) Regardless, below is the cover art for the INSIDE DVD. And Shock reports that their HELLRAISER redux is back on the Weinsteins release slate for January 9th, 2009!

One thought on “INSIDE On DVD April 15th! HELLRAISER Set For 2009!

  1. I’ve heard (via Dread Central) that the script Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury turned in was turned down and they’ve now walked off the project!!

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