Let’s Remake Everything! (Even Obscure Titles From The 1940’s)

Jimmy the newspaper boy rushed over here to the Icons of Fright News Department late this morning. Rushing past my Gal Friday, he hollered loudly, "Mr. C, Mr. C! Big news!"

"Yes, yes, sure, sure, Jimmy, sure, sure. Now slow down there kiddo, there’s a lady present."

"RKO is remaking "I Walked WIth A Zombie!" he blurted out, moon pie crumbs flying out of his mouth and across the room.

"What? Say listen, and stop the presses! That’s big news, kid, big news! Good job, Jimmy, here’s a nickel and pack of Lucky Strikes, now get out there kid find me some more stories! You’ll be real news man someday, Jimmy, a real news man!"

Thanks to a deal, partly involving Twisted Picture, old-school (and I do mean old) studio RKO has formed Roseblood Pictures, with the intention on remaking 8 classic films from Val Lewton library. This includes titles such as "The Seventh Victim", "The Monkey’s Paw" (Oh boy…), "Bedlam", "Body Snatcher", and "I Walked With A Zombie" (which is not about a leisurely stroll with a burgeoning horror director).

Why the sudden interest in dusting off these titles? RKO head Ted Hartley sums it’s up, "The most successful ROI in the movie business comes from scary movies that get wide release and cost under $10 million."

Cheap and fast.

One thought on “Let’s Remake Everything! (Even Obscure Titles From The 1940’s)

  1. Lewton’s pics were atmospheric, psychological movies that indicated horror by suggestion instead of outright terror on the screen. I can’t imagine these remakes following that formula. They’ll probably turn them into explicit pieces of butchery instead.

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