A few days ago, we were able to reveal a few choice pictures from the MALEVOLENCE prequel. Today, we’re proud to present the first trailer to MALEVOLENCE: BEREAVEMENT! The film depicts the events leading up to the first MALEVOLENCE movie in which Martin Bristol is kidnapped by serial killer Graham Sutter. Written, directed and produced by Stevan Mena, the film stars Michael Beihn (TERMINATOR, ALIENS, GRINDHOUSE), Alexandra Daddario (THE ATTIC), John Savage (THE DEER HUNTER), Brett Rickaby (ZODIAC), Nolan Gerard Funk (TV’s SUPERNATURAL, THE DEAD ZONE) and Spencer List. It’s scheduled for release in the Fall of 2008. Stevan Mena’s comedy/mockumentary BRUTAL MASSACRE: A COMEDY comes first in Spring 2008! Check out the trailer below for the new MALEVOLENCE movie!

Watch a high res version of the trailer at this link:


  1. Beth… As you’ll realize when you see this one, there’s a full 3 part arc, all thought out well in advance. When you’re a first time filmmaker with not a lot of money to make a feature, you do your best to make what you can with what you have. And the middle part made the most financial sense to make first. Rest assured, you will look at the first movie differently after seeing what comes before it in this prequel.

  2. I wish I could look at the first movie differently, but it’s just too horrible to change my mind on. I knew this was a 3 part series when I saw the first one. I just think it would have been more memorable with just doing the story from the prequal and leaving it at that.

  3. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I personally love the first film and stand by that opinion. And I already know what happens in this new movie and love the way it connects to the original movie and changes your perspective on things. Hope you at least enjoy the prequel.

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