Romero Is 68 Today! Happy Birthday, George!

Uncle George is celebrating his 68th birthday today, which begs the question…did he get his cake?


As George’s birthday this week also coincides with the first NYC screening of “Diary of the Dead” this Wednesday Icons of Fright celebrates with a look back at some of our Romero-related interviews, articles and reviews from the past 4 years. Take a look! 


Back in 2005 we tracked down the original Barbara herself, Judith O’Dea, and conducted one of the first interviews about Night of the Living Dead that’d she’d done in some time. Check it out:

Just a month later, we ran into 1990’s Barbara when we interviewed Patricia Tallman, who starred in Tom Savini’s NOTLD remake:

And what would a Romero film be without stunning special effects makeup? In Summer of 2006 we had the chance to sit down with KNB founder Greg Nicotero, who got his start working with Romero on “Day of the Dead”, and would later work on “Land of the Dead”, “Monkey Shines”, “Diary of the Dead”.

Also, be sure to check out Icons staffer Jysn’s ’05 article “Romero: More Than Just Zombies”, which takes a look back at Romero’s work outside of the zombie genre. “Martin”, “Creepshow”, “Two Evil Eyes”, anyone? All classics.
And finally, if you weren’t already a fan, read some of our past DVD reviews to find out why you should be:
Night of The Living Dead: Millennium Edition
Season of the Witch
Land of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead: Ultimate Edition

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