Robert Englund Says He WON’T Be Back As FREDDY KRUEGER!

A few days back, it was officially announced that Platinum Dunes planned on remaking/ rebooting/ re-whatevering the classic NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series. The biggest concern on the minds of fans was… would Robert Englund be back as Freddy Krueger? Rumors have been swirling around the internet that he’s in, that he’s out. But today, when talking to Italian web publication, Englund himself ruled out the possibility of him reprising the role by saying he’s "too old for this new version". Sad news for all us die hards, but what are ya gonna do? One way or another, the new movie is coming! Englund is currently hard at work on his next directorial film THE VIJ. Read on for more quotes & the link to the original article!

Regarding hearing the news of the NIGHTMARE remake, Englund said, "I think it’s due to the great success of the Rob Zombie version of Halloween and I also liked a lot the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, even if I think the original by Tobe Hooper is perfect. Likewise, I consider the original version of Nightmare on Elm Street a classic of this genre, but I think there is always room for new interpretations by using the new tecnology. In the past, they were talking about a prequel. Anyway, I’m too old for this new version, otherwise it would be Freddie vs. Viagra…"

Asked weather he’d consider cameoing in the new Freddy flick? "It would be a lot of fun. I’m a great fan of Michael Bay, I took my nephew to see Transformers on the opening day and I think it was terrific. So, yes, I would be delighted to."

Robert also elaborated on his new film THE VIJ. "It’s inspired by a short story by russian writer Gogol. We’ve taken many characters from there, but we departed from the original story. We’ve taking themes from the original, but the humour and the philosophy has been removed. In the original story, there is an argument among students in a village. They mention our plot, so we’ve taken that mention of the plot and made our movie out of it. A priest goes the village to save the rich man’s daughter, who’s cursed by the fallen angel, The Vij, the guardian of the purgatory, who came to Earth. So, we elaborated that and made it our basic plot story."

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10 thoughts on “Robert Englund Says He WON’T Be Back As FREDDY KRUEGER!

  1. ……Moe?! lol
    Firstly, yeah I can see that working but Freddy isn’t all looks man, it’s the voice and mannerisms.
    Secondly, the 1st NoES wasn’t entirely about Freddy’s character (as opposed to the later films).
    Thirdly, it’s Platinum Dunes! So that cancels out any positive comments that could be made about this remake.

  2. Mike’s being sarcastic, Danny. 😉 One of his many April’s Fools Jokes a few years back was that NIGHTMARE was being remade with Hank Azaria as Freddy Krueger. (Wouldn’t be surprised if it came true. See his FRIDAY remake predicition in our articles section)
    If they get someone new, it HAS to be a no-name actor with no baggage. Ain’t It Cool suggested Ben Foster, who’s a decent enough actor (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), but he played two of my favorite comic book characters Spacker Dave (THE PUNISHER) and Angel (X-MEN 3) and he looks like neither character, so who knows.
    Regardless, we’re doomed! Out of all of Platinum Dunes features, only the first Texas Chainsaw is decent. No comment on the rest.

  3. it’s sad…also, this should be understood, when Robert says he is too old…it’s only because he knows they all wanta young easy expendable cast. Nobody will be Freddy, hell…none of the new remakes worked on any level, all killers are played by huge stuntmen or wrestlers who can’t act for shit. Robert is a trained _actor_ but no doubt they’ll again turn Freddy into some sort of clawed Jason.
    Ther is no Freddy without Robert Englund, and New line should respect the original fans who made it possible for new line to become what they are today, respect the fans- for once. realise that the nightmare films are not just slasher flicks, but something uniquely it’s own, thanks to really gifted directors, writers and probably most of all, because of Wes Craven and ROBERT ENGLUND.

  4. Why?! There are so many new stories out there and we are stuck with the retreads of modern classics. Halloween was bad enough and now Nightmare? I hear Friday the 13th too. They butchered Texas, the Dark Castle pics, Psycho, Rear Window… AAAAH! I did enjoy the first Hills and Black Xmas, though, so I guess I’m only a partial hypocrite.

  5. I am a bit shocked that Robert feels that way about the remake.
    I think replacing Robert will be one of the biggest mistakes they will ever make and no one else can be as good so remaking this is like having a poor imitation of Freddy, not the real one.
    No way i’m going to waste my money and see this movie! I know a lot of other diehard fans who won’t be seeing it either. This is the worst news to me and no way i’ll support the movie, especially without Robert as Freddy.
    Please sign the Nightmare Remake petition if you’re against it:

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